Defying Gravity // Christian Dior!!

Hi guys! so I'm sorry I've been a little distant lately, but I have a great story to tell you.
Recently I went to Mexico city to watch wicked! It was so amazing and OMG the wardrobe!!! 
It was so pretty I do have to find out who designed those beautiful pieces; so I discovered that Glinda's "bubble dress" is actually a blue version of the "Junon Dress" by Christian Dior! this dress was a part of fall / winter 1949 - 1950 collection 

Glinda's version of the dress is valuable for $17,000 USD and weights almost 15 kilograms (which is pretty hard to sing with). The actress has to wear a special corset to be able to carry that weight over her body. So here it is: 

she's the mexican Glinda 

Jennifer ;)

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  1. Love Dior much!

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    Greets from the EDELFABRIK


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