Kendall Jenner // Leg Scandal!

Borrowed the picture for educational purposes here 

Hello my beautiful people :3 

This pretty girl is Kendall Jenner at the red carpet of the Much Music Video Awards. She's wearing a Fausto Puglisi from fall/winter 2013

I read this article at Elle magazine and I think I like the way they handled it... but what about the comments? I've read things like:

"Oh, she's totally doing it for attention"
"She's not classy at all"
"What a slut!"  
"She's so trashy!"
"She looks like a porn star"

and other worst variations.... 

And I have to say that I don't agree with this comments(sadly, made by girls) but I do agree with Elle magazine... the girl looks gorgeous, and if she feels confortable why shouldn't she wear whatever she wants? I even love the fact that the dress it's not even for the season. So my answer to the comments is: she's not necessarily wearing it for attention, she's so classy, she's not slut, and not trashy and of course she's not necessarily a porn star! and either the girls that wrote them, stop girlhate :) 

Just wanting to make my point, see you later lovely readers <3


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