Study abroad? // What to pack!

Hello there! well, I'm traveling in august to study for a semester abroad at West Virginia, I'm pretty excited about it but I there's still something troubleling me... What should I pack??? 

It may seem simple but, it's really worrying me I can't take my whole closet with me and I still want to buy a lot of pretty things I found in the way so, what's the right decision? 

So I decided to challenge me and I wrote down the things I should be thinking about when packing: 

  1. Think about the weather is it rainy? is it cold or warm? If you're going to spend time at winter you should think about bringing a nice jacket and maybe a pair of rain boots. 
  2. Match the color Since you won't be able to pack your whole closet you should be thinking about bringing neutral colors you can match with everything and some bright accessories so you don't feel like Mortice :P
  3. DENIM! speaking about matching denim is a piece of wear you can use every time of the year!
  4. What about the heels? Be careful with this point... I know you love heels but you might think about bringing a pair or two, bring a pair in nude and black so you can match with everything
  5. Oh- Oh! the weight you will be traveling by airplane so you won't be able to bring a heavy suitcase so... leave those platforms! and no you cant bring every single dress you have.
  6. Don't get nostalgic yes you will miss all that pretty clothes you're leaving behind but don't be sad. think about all the thing you can buy and the places you're going, maybe you won't be the fahionista you dream to be at your semester abroad but it's worth it 

  • Aspesi red long sleeve shirt
  • £82YOOX.COM

  • Christian Louboutin black mary jane pumps
  • $1,075BARNEYS.COM

Remember that you won't be packing clothes only so take with you what's enough for the first 15 days... you want to have room for what you're getting there ;) keep it basic


Jennifer ;)

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